Monday, 24 July 2017

H2O molecule

Today my class and I created a H2O molecule using marshmallow and tooth pick. We put together the marshmallow and made a Mickey mouse looking figure, and it looks like this:
I used 2 hydrogen atoms which are the pink marshmallows and 1 oxygen atom which is the white marshmallow.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey/Day 5 Activity 1

As I turned around looking for my group, I had realised that I was stuck in the middle of a strange forest! I ran forward and there was 2 paths! I didn't know which way so I ended up choosing the left path. I saw another group go and I ran and asked did he see a another group go by? He said yes and gave me directions! I was relieved and I followed the directions! I ran and saw my group! Luckily I got there on time because they were about to leave! 

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey/Day 4 BONUS ACTIVITY

Should fishing a Farewell Spit be banned due to the amount of Hector dolphins dying?

I think fishing in Farewell Spit should be banned because due to the amount of Hector dolphins dying! Hector whales die every year due to this problem! Fishermen are killing these innocent sea creatures. Plus these creatures are mostly rare since they are the smallest whales on earth because they only measure 1.5 meters in length! Also these animals are growing less and less!

Winter Learning Journey/Day 4 Activity 2

Whale Rider
This movie is about an ancestor who sailed on the back of a whale to island for help and his name was Paikea. Now every generation the first boy born they are given the name Paikea, and they are going to be the chief. They learn how to be strong and how to defend themselves. Unfortunately a girl was born and her parents had given her the name Paikea but, her grandfather was not expecting her to be given that name. She was secretly learning how to become a chief and how to do a boys haka. She was caught and got a growled. A couple days later where the boys were going to perform the haka, her grandfather saw that she was riding on the back of a whale. She said that everyone can become not only the chosen ones.


1= Bad movie 2=Okay movie 3=Pretty good 4=Good movie 5=Excellent movie

My ratings are: 5

Winter Learning Journey/Day 4 Activity 1

Farewell Spit, Golden Bay

Farewell Spit was known ever since the accident of more than 20 whales! The whales where trying to get off shore but it was too shallow! Locals saw the incident and then they grabbed everything they had and made sure it was wet to put on the whales! The locals were doing everything they can to keep them safe! But as the locals notice that the whales weren't moving they knew that the whales couldn't survive. Sadly not 1 whale survive this incident. 

Winter Learning Journey/Day 3 Activity 2

Should we be predator free or should we have predators?

I think we should have predators! I know it sounds wrong but it is wrong to kill anyways! We should just find somewhere in New Zealand that has none of the food that it likes! Plus the predators are mostly scattered around New Zealand and plus they can might be gone before we know it! People are saying that we should be predator free and have no predators before the year of 2050! But I think if we can act quick enough then we can have no native birds of New Zealand extinct!

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey/Day 3 Activity 1

Red Crowned Kakariki

What do they eat?
These creatures are omnivorous, but they mostly eat seeds, plants and fruit. Before spring these birds eat scale insects for breeding purposes.

Where do they normally stay?
These animals can be found around the North, South and on Stewart Island.

How much do they weigh?
They weigh up to 70 - 80 grams!

What is there height?
These creatures may look big but they can be tall as 25 - 28 cm! 

What do they look like?
The bird's main colour is light green, but it has a red spot on it's head which is why it is referred to "Red Crowned Kakariki". It has a short white beak and very tiny legs! It has a long feather that sticks out and looks like a tail!