Sunday, 9 July 2017

Maori History / Winter learning Journey

Maori have a unique culture that was founded around the 1300s when they arrived in New Zealand. Visitors, journalists and tourists from all around the world come to see this beautiful but secret paradise to learn more about the Maori. To this day Maori core still has more to discover but yet not to be found. Maori people belong to tribes (iwi) and have mountain (maunga) and even rivers (awa). New Zealand known as Aotearoa is a small country but with lots of secrets.


  1. Hi Charlie,

    I like these interesting facts about Maori culture. Next time remember to introduce the activity that you are completing and what you will be writing about.

  2. Hi Charlie,

    Welcome back to the holiday blogging programme! I am so happy that you have joined us again this year. Like Ms. Stone I really enjoyed reading your blog post about the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Maori. They were the first settlers here in NZ. I wonder how they felt when they first arrived on the shores of our country so many years ago. Do you think that they would have been a bit scared to be all alone in a foreign place? I know that I would have been a bit frightened if I was one of the first ever people to set foot on NZ soil. It must have been pretty difficult to find food, build shelters and care for one another when they didn't have access to hospitals or stores.

    I hope that you will continue to blog with us this holiday. We would love to learn more about New Zealand, the past and the present, with you.

    To participate, please choose another activity from the Winter Learning Journey website and post your answer to it on your blog. As Ms Stone mentioned in her last post, please be sure to introduce the activity on your blog so that we know exactly what you are blogging about!


  3. OK. Thank you, and YES i will do more blogging

    1. Hi Charlie,

      That is great to hear! I can't wait to read your next blog post...

      Rachel :)

  4. Kia Orana Charlie,
    Its nice to see you blogging,I hope you got a great start to your holiday by the way! Keep up the Hard Work!