Friday, 11 August 2017

Trent & Charlie_Procedural Writing:Takakau

How to make Takakau
Takakau is a Maori bread
Takakau was made in the 1800’s. The bread was
traditionally made with just flour and water.

To make Takakau you will need:
1 Teaspoon salt
2 cups flour  
2 Teaspoon baking powder
100 ml milk or water

  • First you sift the flour and baking powder into a large bowl
  • Then You put 1 teaspoon of salt into your bowl.
  • Then mix your bowl of ingredients.
  • then you will need to mix your bowl while someone else will be pouring milk or water into the centre of your bowl slowly.
  • Then you will need to get out a tray with tin foil on top and sprinkle your flour on top of your tray.
  • Then you will need to pound on your mixture.
  • Then you will need to pour your mixture on top of your tray. Then you will need to shape the dough but you will need the dough to be 2cm thick.
  • Then you turn on your oven to 200 celsius and put your dough in the oven for 30 mins   


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