Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Charlie Water Worries

Water Worries by Rachel McMillan
We are learning about the water cycle and its use

Write a brief explanation of the water cycle
  • The sun, which drives the water cycle, heats water in the oceans, rivers, and lakes.
  • Some of this water rises into the air as vapour and because of the water droplets in clouds.
  • Eventually, colder temperatures force the clouds to see to lose their moisture as rain hail, or snow.
  • Some of this flows into rivers and lakes and finally the ocean. Some of it stays frozen as snow or ice for hundreds or even thousands of years. The rest of the water soaks deep into the earth, where it becomes part of the groundwater supply, some of which comes to the surface through springs.

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  1. Hi Charlie,
    I enjoyed reading your explanation of the water cycle. Next time remember to include the other key word 'evaporate' in your writing.