Monday, 24 July 2017

H2O molecule

Today my class and I created a H2O molecule using marshmallow and tooth pick. We put together the marshmallow and made a Mickey mouse looking figure, and it looks like this:
I used 2 hydrogen atoms which are the pink marshmallows and 1 oxygen atom which is the white marshmallow.


  1. Hi Charlie,

    Well done for sharing your creation on your blog. You wrote a good description of what you made. Can you imagine how teeny tiny they would be in real life? There are 1,500,000,000,000,000,000,000 of them in a single drop of water!

  2. Hi Charlie, my name is Taylor I’m from Kawakawa Primary School. I like your experience about H2o molecules using the marshmallows because you told everyone the instructions and how you made it. Next time you could maybe tell us how long it took you guys to make it. I have no tips for you because it looks perfect. Feel free to check my blog at any time

  3. Hi Charlie, my name is Mecydez and I go to Kawawkawa Primary School. This is a cool marshmallow H2O molecule. I like your sweet Mickey Mouse. I have never learnt about molecules before so I found this interesting.
    Heres my blog---->