Saturday, 15 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey/ Day 1 Activity 2

My 5 favourite things about Auckland:

1) In the most parts of Auckland you can see a very large mountain called Rangitoto Island. The volcano is seen in most parts of the city ( You can see Rangitoto from the Sky tower, Harbour bridge, Mission bay beach etc) 

2) The thing that I also enjoy about Auckland is the cultures. What I also like is that you can learn more about the culture in meeting different people. There is a lot of people  that are from different places around the earth that live in New Zealand! 

3) What I like about Auckland as well is that, you can walk along the path walk at Mission Bay. Mission Bay is one of the closest beaches to the city. Plus Mission Bay has an amazing view which is looking straight at Rangitoto island!

4) What I also like about Auckland is that you can explore the Northern coastlines! The Northern coastlines have the most incredible views when the sun is going down! 

5) Last but not least, Auckland has more boats you have ever seen! Auckland has more boats than anywhere else in the world! Auckland's nickname is "The city of Sails"

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  1. Hi Charlie,

    You have thought of some great places in Auckland that tourists could visit. I like your clear description of these places and that you shared your thoughts about them. Keep up the great work!