Thursday, 20 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey/Day 5 Activity 1

As I turned around looking for my group, I had realised that I was stuck in the middle of a strange forest! I ran forward and there was 2 paths! I didn't know which way so I ended up choosing the left path. I saw another group go and I ran and asked did he see a another group go by? He said yes and gave me directions! I was relieved and I followed the directions! I ran and saw my group! Luckily I got there on time because they were about to leave! 


  1. Hi Charlie,

    Great post. I enjoyed reading your short story. I'm glad the story ended on a positive note!

    On a sidenote, it doesn't really relate to the activity, but my only feedforward I would give to you is to use speech marks to show dialogue between people in the story. Other than that, great post!


  2. Hi Charlie, I enjoyed reading your story, it sounded like something that would happen in real life! Remember not to over use exclamation marks(!) as you put one at the end of every sentence, when you would normally use them to express a strong emotion, like excitement or surprise.

  3. Bonjour Charlie,

    I very enjoyed reading your wonderful poem. I am also glad you have joined the Winter Learning Journey. I agree with Miss Stone, you shouldn't really add (!) after every sentence. Overall your story was excellent.

    Keep up the great work!