Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey/Day 3 Activity 1

Red Crowned Kakariki

What do they eat?
These creatures are omnivorous, but they mostly eat seeds, plants and fruit. Before spring these birds eat scale insects for breeding purposes.

Where do they normally stay?
These animals can be found around the North, South and on Stewart Island.

How much do they weigh?
They weigh up to 70 - 80 grams!

What is there height?
These creatures may look big but they can be tall as 25 - 28 cm! 

What do they look like?
The bird's main colour is light green, but it has a red spot on it's head which is why it is referred to "Red Crowned Kakariki". It has a short white beak and very tiny legs! It has a long feather that sticks out and looks like a tail! 

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  1. Hi Charlie, I like the way that you have presented this information by using the questions, which act a bit like headings. Perhaps you could include a picture of the red crowned kakariki to show your reader as well.