Monday, 20 February 2017

What is Rugby

Last week we had to write an explanation about rugby. This is what Alex and I created.

 Rugby is a contact sport and the players have to follow certain rules. Rugby has become very popular and there are several competitions, including the rugby world cup.

It is not clear how the game of rugby first started. However, it is said that the first game took place at Rugby School, Warwickshire in 1823. The students originally played football, but they are said to have changed the rules so that the ball was carried.  This game began to be played by other English schools and by 1871 the Rugby Football Union was established. Official rules were then created and the first international game was played between Scotland and England.

Rugby is always played between two teams. Each team is made up of 15 players who each carry out different roles. To start the game, one of the two teams has to start off with a drop kick. After one of the two teams has done a drop kick the other catches the ball and try to try it on the other side.

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  1. Hi Charlie,

    Well done for blogging this explanation. I know it was a tricky task as we only did this for a couple of lessons, but you have done well and this will help when we focus on explanations in class in a couple of weeks. If you had more time, perhaps you would add a little bit more information and a conclusion.