Thursday, 3 August 2017

Charlie The NZ Wars

                The New Zealand Wars

We are learning to justify our answers to comprehension questions using the text

My Answer
Page number (where I found the information from)
What was the war fought over?
The war NZ wars was about who controlled the country and who owns the lands.
No 1
How long did the war go on for?
The war started between 1845 and 1872 / 27 years
No 2
Why did HŌne Heke Pōkai cut down the flagpole?
He was protest when they move the capital of bay island to auckland
No 3
Did the pakeha find it easy to fight in the northern war?
They were outnumbered and lost and they had more mans
No 4
What belief did Governor Grey have?
The Governor Grey though the british were better than maori
No 5
What was the King Movement (Kingitanga)?
They decided to have a king
No 6
What are Pa?
Defensive structure consisting of trenches, earth walls, and wooden palisades
No 7
What was the British version of Pa?
A trench
No 8
What happened in the Waikato war?
George Grey, who was a govern in the other side of the world in South Africa heard about the events in Taranaki and he wanted to put a STOP to it
No 9
What happened at the end of the wars?
The british people had more mans and more weapons and they won
No 10


  1. Hi Charlie,

    Well done for finding the answers to these questions by skimming and scanning this long text. Remember to complete your create activity next and to share it on here!

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