Friday, 16 June 2017

Charlie Explanation Writing!

Explanation Writing
We are learning to follow the structure of an explanation

Going to school is important because of your Education and most studies that go school regularly are likely to get better results than the student that don’t go to school a lot.  
Starting school at a young age will help you a lot more not just because you're getting lots friends and being free but also, you picking up your learning much faster and you’ll not be afraid to take your test anymore.  
If you go school regularly, you are likely to get better results because every time you come school that's one more of your brain getting bigger and bigger (not to pop) but it's getting lots of ideas to help you in the future. 
Going to school is a lot of fun because school is just like you’re whole new family that you see every if you come school and teachers are something like your real parents and they treat you like a son/daughter. If you be good the whole year until you go college you might have a chance to get a scholar. A scholar will help you pay for all your education when you are in college. 
The school is an emotional school. If your parents encourage you to go school every day, it will help you a big time because getting that push that you need it's just the best feeling. Taking a test exam is like one of the scariest time of your life being at school but as you keep getting tested, you realised it's not really that hard you just need to not give up and starts being brave!. When you are at school you may get used to a lot of subject Reading, Math, Writing, Inquiry, and much more.

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  1. Hi Charlie,

    It is great to see that you have so many ideas about the purpose of school. Remember to start by explaining what school is next time!