Friday, 16 June 2017

Alex & Charlie Captain Cook

                 Captain Cook: Charting our Islands

We are learning to extract information from the text.

My Answer
Page number (where I found the information from)
What was Captain Cook instructed (told) to do when he set sail in 1768?
He had two inscriptions on was to go to Tahiti to observe the transit of Venus his second one was secert
The first paragraph
What is the transit of venus/”?
It is when we can see venus travels past the sun and we can see it.
The first paragraph on the right side
What is a sounding?
Sounding means like It's safe to let the Captain that it's safe to drop the anchor
Second paragraph on the bottom middle
What did Captain Cook use to work out where they were?
Captain cook used a compass  to find his way around the sea when he is lost

Why did the ship need to know the depth of the water?
To show how depth the water is so the ship don’t crash

What are longitude and latitude?
Longitude and latitude is an a imaginary line that form a grid around our world.

How long did Captain Cooks trip last?
It took him 3 years

What impact did Captain Cook have?
He was doing a bad by killing moar

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