Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Day My Our Dinner Disapped

The Day My Our Dinner Disapped

A year, 2 weeks and a half, day ago, my mum came home with some shopping and KFC. Mum went outside to call my Dad, my  3 brothers and sister, to come and have dinner. Mum said, “come in we are having KFC for dinner.”While mum was calling them something strangely happened. It seem’s like the KCF disappeared.

Mum came in with the rest of the family she saw the food was all gone. Mum was so furious, that to me, she was a lava woman standing in front of me. She told me ” who ate all the food,” I said, “It wasn't me it was my stomach”. Mum was so fed up that she left me behind and  they went out for dinner without me. After a few min, I was hungry so I eat my emergency snack. It was the leftover chicken  from the KFC + Yummy chocolate from 3 days ago.

The End  

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  1. Hi Charlie
    I liked your writing and I thought it was so funny how the food was in your stomach.But maybe next time try to add more descriptive words.