Sunday, 10 July 2016



Today my friends and I had a challenge to see if any of us can come on the letter board and they get a yummy prize, I'll give you a hint, it starts with c and it ends with a late sound. If you guess it was   then you a correct. Some of my friend included myself, we came on the letter board.
Here are some of the photo I took while I was playing.

First I played?
  • And last but not least
Screenshot 2016-07-10 at 22.39.59.pngScreenshot 2016-07-07 at 12.54.47.pngScreenshot 2016-07-04 at 21.23.56.png


  1. Hi Charlie,

    I really loved your post entitled, "Biggest Challenge of my life." I love to try new things and to challenge myself, too. In fact, each year I try to set one new challenge for myself. This year it is to go ziplining.

    Do you like challenges? If so, I would love to challenge you to participate in the holiday blogging programme that we are running this year. It's called a 'Winter Learning Journey' and it's really fun!

    To join, all you have to do is log onto the Winter Learning website, click on the "Weekly Activities" tab, scroll down and choose an activity that interests you. You then blog about it on your blog site and I will read it, comment and give you points. You'll earn a certificate and a badge and, if you one of the 'Top 3 bloggers' you will also earn a great prize at the end of the holiday!

    I'll check back in a couple of days to see if you've chosen to take up the challenge and join the Winter Learning Journey programme.

    Hope to see you online this holiday :)

    Cheers, Rachel