Friday, 21 October 2016

Catch That Pizza !!!

One hundred years forward, In the future there were 5 legendary defenders of earth. One was intelligent Robin, Starfire the laser beam, Beast Boy animal like, Cyborg the half robot man, Raven the evil dad.

One day in the TTH (Teen Titans House) Cyborg and Beastboy were ordering pizza but!...
“There were no more pizza at pizza hut.” Cyborg looked at Beastboy and said “The TURTLES”. Cyborg and Beastboy ran and got into the TTC (Teen Titans Car). On the way there Beast Boy transformed into a dog. Beast Boy used his super sense and smelled pizza from the sewers. Cyborg stopped the TTC (Teen Titans Car) and Beast Boy jumped out of the car and transformed into a fearless lion. He roared across to the other side where the turtles were. When the turtles came out, their bellies were Big and fat. One of the turtles name was mighty. Mighty had a slice of pizza halfway up his mouth. Cyborg and Beastboy was having an argument with the turtles because the turtles and then the argument turned into a fight.

While Cyborg and beastboy were fighting with the turtles a crime alert alarm went off and the rest of the Teen Titans team came to stop the fight. Robin stopped the fight and told the turtles to share the pizza and be good friends because they both help save the city.

To be continued?
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