Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Yummy Math

Today my class and I were learning about decimals fraction. My teacher brought a yummy chocolate cake. Mrs (Stone) was teaching us about how important it is to learn decimals and fraction before you want to bake or cook something for your family/friends/ or even animals/pets. Mrs (Stone) cake was 18 cm long. Mrs cut the cake into 10 equal pieces. Here is a photo of the cake cut into 10 equal pieces:


  1. Hi Charlie,

    Yes it is very important to learn about fractions as they help you with your cooking. Today we used decimal fractions because we were looking at tenths. What fraction of the cake did each student receive? What would this look like as a decimal?

  2. Malo Charlie I really liked how you explained how fractions are important to learn about.I have also learned about this in my class . It was great reading your writing.