Tuesday, 30 August 2016



Yesterday, 29 August my classmate and teaches had a science intensive. There were 3 active and more but we had no time left. The names of the three games was called Flying high that's the air plane on, The racing track you may have an idar race car, and the last by not least was called the fishing game. In the bottom there are all the facts about magnets and the games

Mrs Moopanar gave us some materials and they were sticks, rubber bands, magnets and a thread. When we all done our experiment we had to try it out. We used the bar magnets to move the horse - shoe magnet that was hanging from the string. It was dancing like it had a invisible dance partner. We did a lot of experiment and they were flying high, the speedway and the fishing game. They were a lot of fun.

I felt interested because I learnt different kinds of magnets and it has a strong connection.
My favourite games was the racing track because I was the champion.
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